Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It was about time for another post, don't ya think?

So it's been since then end of January since my last post, but I can't begin to share with anyone how busy we have been around our house.  With spring finally here, I have been able to open the windows on the sunny days and do a little cleaning.  The worst part about this experience so far would be that we are trying to live day to day (laundry, cooking, cleaning) in a big ole mess!  It doesn't matter how much I sweep or mop, there is always dust and trash on the floor, and I can't seem to keep enough energy to participate in the laundry duties (but somehow we always have clean undies! So I must be doin alright)

So here are some during the remodel pics... mind you we are living in the house during all of this!

This is the kitchen... being taken apart.  The door that you see in the background is no longer there. We thought it would give us more kitchen space if we enclosed that doorway. (It was a GREAT idea!)

As you can see, the cabinets had rotted and the house was previously a roach habitat.  Needless to say, everything including the sheetrock HAD to go!

See what I mean,  Ugh!  Ewwww!

I like to think that he is saying, " I have no idea what happend in here." Haha

( In the back of the photo, you can see where we busted out the sheetrock, that is because me, myself and I thought it was a fabulous idea to have an indoor entrance into our laundry room.  This would require the hubby to re-route all of the water pipes (he was so excited! Sense the sarcasm).  But either because he loves me or rather he didn't want me going into the garage everytime I needed to wash clothes, he was delighted to make the changes!)

 Ta Da!! 
See, much more functional!

And now for some sheetrock.  Disregard the hidious light fixture.

And this is Austin.  He wasn't so keen on hanging sheetrock, so Nate put him on demo which I must say he does rather well.

See what I mean???

After all the sheetrock was hung in the kitchen, the carport door was enclosed, it was time to tile!!!

Hooray!!! Look how pretty! He did such a great job!

 Cabinets are next!

The staining part was actually fun.  See, I was in charge of all painting and staining in this lovely home.  It was a small price to pay for all of the other work that was required of the hubby.

My new stove!  A girl can be really happy about this!

It is coming together! Just wait, there will re better lighting soon, I promise!

Most of the staining is complete.

And then there were doors!

I hope this has shown a little bit of progress.  The house is coming along, and we are sure to be wrapping things up soon.  I will post more pics when I have a few minutes another day.
Until then, happy restoring!


The Pinocchios

Looking great Meredith! Can't wait to see it all done! Y'all are so talented :)

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